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Local Falconry in Carmarthenshire offers an extensive range of experiences for all'

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The Harris Hawk

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No Prey caught will go to waste ,The Hawk is a Natural Predator of South west America,It Hunts in Desrets and will Hunt in groups or Teams ,They Hunt Jack Rabbits and Birds ,Reptiles . The Hawks eyes are around 8 times better than a human ,It can scope movemet very well from over 300 meters away .It has 8 cm Tallons .Wingspan in over a meter long ,The Harris Hawks start Breeding 4 to 5 years ,they can lay 3 to 5 Eggs per clutch ,They can reach ages up to 25 years in captivity.They are Not Native to the UK .

Hawk Off with Harris Hawk Harries

On Hawk Walks across Carmarthenshire and the rest of Wales 'There will also be Days where we can arrange Hunting days .All Prey will be used to feed the Hawks as they need a wide range of natural diet

Come out on a Hawk Walk 'We can meet and Greet at your location ,You can see the Hawk fly free on the Walk ,A perfect chance to get some photos